How to tell if Someone is on the Autistic Spectrum


Autism or Asperger is one of the most common learning and behavioural difficulties in the world today. Approximately 1% of the UK’s population are on the autistic spectrum. This equates to around 695,000 people in the UK alone so it is not that rare and it is useful to be able to recognise some of […] Read more »

Is Your Relationship a Lie?


Have a think about your partner at the moment and consider the positives and negatives about them. I’m assuming you came up with more positives than negatives otherwise you wouldn’t still be in a relationship but the thing is are those positives really good or are you turning them in to good traits? A study […] Read more »

A Stressful Mind is a Forgetful Mind

Have you ever walked into an exam, sat down and got all of your equipment out on the desk and then completely forgotten everything you have been revising for weeks? The panic takes hold and you feel like crawling under the desk in shame. The ironic thing about this is that this panic is exactly […] Read more »

Do People Work Harder For Incentive Based Pay?


When I think of incentive based pay I think of sales people who are constantly calling round trying to drum up business. Some ‘del boy trotter’ (English sitcom reference for all you Americans!) using the gift of the gab to try and earn an extra few quid before the end of the week. For those […] Read more »

Psychology of Massage: The Effect on The Mind


So many people hail the benefits of massage and say how great they feel afterwards, people are willing to pay serious money to get it done professionally and they come out of it glad they paid for the service. So is this all a placebo effect or do we actually recieve positive physical effects from massage? One […] Read more »

Does Chewing Gum Help You to Remember?


Working in a school I am constantly telling students to spit their gum out and a common retort is ‘but sir it makes me think better’. Even though I am all for people focusing on a problem I still tell them to put it in the bin, but should I be? The act of chewing […] Read more »

Psychology of Scars and How They Affect People


We all have scars be they emotional, physical or psychological and they will all affect people in different ways. The emotions surrounding the physical scars can also leak over into the emotional and psychological and cause people significant self image issues and lower self confidence. Scars and Attractiveness But is it always the case that […] Read more »